Affiliate Marketing in MMO niche by selling Digital Information Products

We all now about Affiliate marketing and how it can effectively be used to provide an alternate source of income. Most of the idea about affiliate marketing, however, revolves around selling physical products.

For those who do not know, products in today’s world are classified into two major types- Physical and digital.

Physical products are tangible goods such as shoes, clothes, mobile phones, etc.

Digital products are products that add value in the digital form and are mostly intangible. Examples of digital products would include software, digital files and images, websites, e-books, etc.

(If you want to learn the theory part of affiliate marketing, then watch the complete video course here.)

Advantages of affiliating physical products

  • Customer satisfaction: Being consumable items, physical products provide greater customer satisfaction.
  • Easy to sell: Physical products are tangible goods, so the customers are aware of what they are buying. Example, selling Nike shoes is easy as the customer has trust in the brand.

Disadvantages of affiliating physical products

  • The best way to sell physical products is by building trust with your niche audience. This is usually a long-term process and may take months or even years. The best method involves writing a blog or having a YouTube channel to address the audience. Not everyone is ready to go through this tedious process. Many people are not good at soft-pitching and prefer hard-selling
  • A continuation of the first point, it generally involves more cost upfront. Major costs may include buying a DSLR camera, purchasing web hosting, contents. This may prove to be a major roadblock for many
  • The major con of selling a physical product is that It offers far less commission. Take the example of affiliating through Amazon, the world’s best platform for affiliating physical products. Average commission on Amazon ranges between 4-7% of the product cost. To make a huge amount of money may become a daunting task in the beginning.

Now, it may have become clear that not everyone is an ideal candidate to sell physical products.

Don’t’ give up yet. Digital information products can fill the void. How? Let’s understand.

Digital Information Products

Since we already understand what constitutes a digital product, let’s quickly jump on to know about digital information products. Any digital products which covey information or provides knowledge about a particular topic is a digital information product. That’s a layman definition. Examples- E-books of a recipe, online courses, etc.

Advantages of selling digital products / digital information products

  • High commission: We need to understand since digital products are not tangible goods, a particular product can be sold for umpteen number of times. So, a company creating digital products can afford to give high commission, as high as 80-90%
  • Instant Delivery: It not only saves cost on shipping and other convenience, but also provides for instant delivery of the product.
  • Information products are relatively easy to sell since people are always ready to improve their skills. That’s what an information product exactly provides. In fact, information products are the only products that come with a guaranteed return on investment.

Bear with me for some more time, because this is going to change your life forever.

Selling any digital information product may not be an ideal situation if you are looking to make money online as quickly as possible. Understanding the product and the niche is important. With that being said, let me introduce you to selling digital information products in Make Money Online (MMO) niche.

Make Money Online niche (MMO)

Make money online niche is a very broad category and involves all the internet marketing ideas such as blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing itself, etc. Any digital strategy which is used to make money online comes under the ambit of MMO.

Why do I believe it is easy to sell MMO niche digital information products?

The explanation is quite easy to understand. Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose, there are two scenarios. In the first one, I am selling a video editing software. It would be easy to pitch my product and I can make sales right, no problem there. In the second scenario, I am selling a product where I am telling the potential customer that not only can you benefit from the product, but also you can earn money by selling it further.

I am asking you, which would be easy to sell? The obvious answer is the second scenario.

Affiliate Marketing in MMO niche is a great way to earn money online for people who are good at hard-selling.

Where to start?

There are many platforms like ClickBank and others of that kind, that allows you to choose from a wide variety of products. You can start affiliating and earning from day one itself. However, a proper mentor and guidance are required to successfully do this business.

Yeah, yeah, I can definitely help and that too for free of cost. Yes, you heard that right, absolutely free of cost.

The only thing I want you to do is to buy these products from my affiliate link. You won’t be charged anything extra and ill get the commission. Sounds fair!! (you are anyway going to buy at that price)

Are you saying this involves investment?

Yes, of course. You want to start a business without investment. In fact, online businesses can be started at a very nominal amount. There are products u can purchase for as less as $15-20 and start selling them to earn a commission.

How does this work?

Most of the products I know of gives you reselling rights. That means when you purchase the product you get the official right to sell them further and earn a commission. They take a cut in the name of hosting and that’s how they make a profit. The commission you earn on selling each product is usually very high at around 70-80%.

Watch the pic above and understand my earning from affiliating just one product over a month. I earned around $1000 (INR 70,000) in just one month from just one product. I can give u many examples from different products, but I don’t want to put pictures of everything. Better, inbox me directly on Facebook, and ill help you out if you have any queries.

What’s my recommendation?

If you are a newbie, I would suggest you start with a cheap product. As I always say, learn and earn at the same time. My personal recommendation would be:

  1. 25Dollar1Up: For people just starting out with affiliate marketing.
  2. Builderall: Those who want to invest and earn good money.

That is not to say you can’t earn good money from 25Dollar1Up. The pic above demonstrates my earning from 25Dollar1up only.

To know about 25Dollar1up, watch the video from the link given below and inbox me directly on Facebook if you have any queries.

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