Backup your website before attempting any page speed technique

In this post, we are going to discuss how to do a complete website backup.

No matter how diligently you follow the process, there is always a minute probability that you may break your website. Although if you follow all the configurations which I show you from the next posts, you are most likely to attain lightning page speed.

However, it is the best interest of both of us that you backup your website completely. If any disaster does happen, you can easily restore it to the best previous state.

  • Go to add plugins page from your Dashboard and click Add New. Search for Updraft database backup. Install and activate the plugin.
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  • Go to settings of this plugin and then click create a backup.
  • It will give you a list of options. You should include your database in the backup.
  • You can consider including files too, but it may take a lot of time depending on size and number of files on your website. I’m skipping this option and only creating a database backup.

Once the process is completed, simply click on your backup created and download it to your computer rather than on your server.

If you ever want to restore your database, you can simply click the restore button and choose this backup.

Since we have made a backup now, we would start from the next section page speed technique 1. Do follow the Algorithm given on the SEO Page Speed Optimization page to find out if you should follow page speed technique 1 or page speed technique 2.

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