Best Web Hosting for every Budget: Comparing SiteGround, Stable Host, VPS.NET, LiquidWeb

Web hosting can be defined as a service that puts your website or the web page on the internet. The hosting companies host your data and store them on computers called servers.

When an individual or an organization wants to build their website, they have to do the following to get their website up and running on the internet:

  1. Purchase a domain name: Domain name is the name of your website which the user enters in the address bar to access your website.
  2. Purchase a web hosting: To put your website on the internet.

Although all the major hosting players do provide the option to buy a domain name and hosting from the same company, I recommend purchasing each from different providers.

Namecheap is the best domain name registrar I came across. It offers cheap and good customization. Yeah, we can discuss that later.

Lets, focus on web hosting for now.

 Factors on which your decision should be based while choosing a web hosting

  1. Price: The most important factor is your budget or the price you are ready to roll out.
  2. Features and Limitations: Includes performance, hardware, and customizability.
  3. Technical Support: you don’t need to wait in the queue the whole day.

These are the three broad factors I consider while choosing a hosting company. There could be many more additional features which you can consider, but most of them are marketing strategies.

Types of web hosting to avoid

I recommend avoiding web hosting companies that offer specialized hosting for WordPress. Any beginner would be attracted to such a plan because they would think it would be optimized for WordPress website building. However, this is far from true.

There is no such thing as a particular plan would allow up to 10000 or 20000 visits per month. These are just marketing gimmicks. These visits are normally restricted by the bandwidth and most of the hosting providers provide unlimited bandwidth. The things you need to keep in mind are:

  1. Whether they use SSD storage or not?
  2. How much input-output bandwidth do they provide?
  3. What is the bandwidth speed?
  4. How many processors do they allow to run simultaneously?

You cannot expect all these features in a hosting that provides specialized WordPress hosting plan. So, be aware and avoid any hosting that provides this type of plan. Since they are already optimized for their own performance it doesn’t offer much customizability.

Avoid SiteGround and iPage.

Due to the above reasons, it is best to avoid both SiteGround Hosting and iPage hosting. I have seen websites hosted on SiteGround that offers not even half the speed as that of other hosting. As they do not allow much customizability and optimized on their own terms, you cannot increase the page load speed much.

Remember, Speed Sells!

Even Google uses page load speed in its SEO algorithm to rank a website.

I know, I know, Ankur Aggarwal Sir, also recommends SiteGround. But my reasons to avoid SiteGround and iPage are clear.

(I have signed up for SiteGround’s affiliate program and they pay a high commission, still, I’m telling you to avoid it.)

My Personal Recommendations for Every Budget

Low Budget: Stable Host-shared hosting plan.

Let’s discuss why I recommend such plans that allow more customizability. I personally host multiple websites on Stable Host.

This is my Stable Host cpanel. You can check that they offer 2 GB RAM. I’m using this Pro plan that comes under $9 per month. You can opt for the starter plan also if you are going to run a single website. However, I have multiple websites that’s why the Pro Plan is more cost-effective for me.

They offer 2 GB RAM and 100 processors that can run simultaneously. As usual, they provide unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk usage, and unlimited databases. (They are limited technically but let’s assume they are unlimited.

What I consider is the input-output usage that is 5 MB/s. This is the input-output bandwidth speed.

In my opinion, the three most important factors that you should be looking for is:

  1. RAM                     
  2. Input-Output usage.
  3. Cost

The cost of a Pro plan is under $9 per month. They are running a 50% discount for first time user.

(If you have decided on Stable Host, please purchase through my affiliate link. I would get commission and you don’t pay anything extra. This will help me write informative articles for you consistently)

“Use my affiliate link to purchase Stable Host”

The second factor is not mentioned by most of the famous hosting providers.

Best features I like about Stable Host:

xVarnish: They provide Varnish cache for free and for as many websites you use.

CloudFlare: Easy CloudFlare integration for your website

SSL certificate: Free SSL certificate for lifetime

PHP version: The most important factor. It allows you to choose the PHP version. I know of very few hosting providers that allows you to choose the PHP version.

Also, it allows you to choose any feature that you need to install in shared hosting (shared hosting usually comes with low customizability). You can also change the memory limit and the maximum post size.

 This type of customizability allows you to achieve maximum page speed.

Medium Budget: cloud VPS.

Just opt for the cloud VPS. Don’t go for SSD VPS. Cloud VPS have a tremendous page load speed and few of my websites are hosted on it. It would cost you around $50 dollars for 2 nodes. Don’t go for a single node, it would make it more like shared hosting.

High Budget: LiquidWeb- Dedicated Cloud

If you insist on buying a dedicated server, opt for LiquidWeb’s dedicated cloud server. They offer best customizability options.

These are my 3 best recommendations.

Don’t be fooled into believing that greater customizability option is only for developers. You can watch a few videos and learn how to optimize your page for maximum possible page speed.

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